About Fusion Networks

Unmatched Network Resiliency

Fully Diverse Carrier Connectivity

We aggregate connections from multiple upstream carriers so you don’t have to. This means your business stays connected if one carrier goes down.

Single IP Failover

An upstream failure doesn't mean your web services should go down. Our single IP Failover lets your customers, vendors, and users access your web facing services even when an upstream failure occurs.

Simple Redundancy

We manage the redundant connections so you can focus on growing your business, without worrying about network downtime.

Welcome to the Future of Voice & Data Technologies

All organizations have their own challenges, and working with their ISP or phone vendor should not be one of them. We bridge the gap between what companies really need – exceptional customer service with intimate collaboration – and the low industry standard that is in today’s business landscape. The Fusion Networks Team delivers a boutique experience by spending time with our clientele, as if they are our one and only client.

Built in Network Redundancy

Our redundant WAN solution allows customers to eliminate the single point of failure from their network without assuming the financial

and technological burden of a complex, multi-carrier solution.  By leveraging Fusion’s extensive portfolio of carrier-partners our

customers are able to install redundant circuits to any location utilizing diverse underlying carriers and access mediums.  Combining physical redundancy and diversity with our network-based intelligent routing options, makes possible a reliable, fully automated failover solution. One that can be implemented during any network-impacting event.  Our standard offering includes three options that provide varying levels of service to meet a diverse range of our customers’ technical and financial requirements. These application-specific solutions are engineered to provide an unparalleled level of network reliability for any situation.

  • Fully automatic failover to backup circuit with low failover time
  • Seamless to end-users
  • Fully implemented and managed by Fusion
  • IPSec VPN tunnel encrypts traffic to Fusion over the backup circuit
  • All services continue to function during network-impacting event
  • Public IP addresses continue to be accessible from the Internet for Dedicated Internet Product
  • POTS, PRI’s and all Voice Services remain up for voice products.