Exhibit C

International Calling Services Terms and Conditions


Fusion Networks offers an International Calling Service for direct-dialed calls made from the Subscriber’s business or from any phone via the Fusion Networks International Calling remote access number to destinations outside of the United States (“U.S.”), Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands at per minute rates. The Fusion Networks International Calling Service is automatically enabled for each line, including, where applicable, the SIP Trunk Pilot telephone number.

IMPORTANT: It is the customer’s responsibility to properly secure their own phone system and network, including but not limited to securing the private branch exchange (“PBX”) to prevent the PBX from being compromised and fraudulent calls from being made. If fraudulent calls are detected, Fusion Networks reserves the right to disable International Calling without prior notice until the customer properly secures their phone system (including the PBX) or network. Customers are responsible for all charges incurred as a result of an unsecured phone system or network.

  1. Monthly International Plan Charge: Subscriber will be charged a monthly international plan charge upon activating International Calling. The monthly international plan charge covers all lines on the account and is charged to the account even when no international calls are made.
  2. Per Minute Rates:The per minute rates vary by destination and are posted at: https://www.fusionnetworks.net/international_rates/. The per minute rates are subject to change at any time and any updates will be effective upon posting at: https://www.fusionnetworks.net/international_rates/ Charges for Fusion Networks International Calling at the per minute rates will appear on Subscriber’s monthly billing statement for the relevant usage cycle (the “Usage Cycle”). Fusion Networks International Calling will be billed in sixty (60) second increments and rounded up to the nearest sixty (60) second increment.
  3. Calling Limits:
    1. Fusion Networks reserves the right to impose limits on the unpaid balance for Fusion Networks International Calling charges incurred by Subscriber during a Usage Cycle (the “Calling Limit”). Fusion Networks shall have the right to modify Calling Limits, either on an individual Subscriber basis or as applied to all Subscribers, in its sole discretion and impose varying Calling Limits depending on Subscriber’s account status.
      1. Subscribers in good standing with Fusion Networks service for less than ninety (90) consecutive days have a Calling Limit of One Hundred and Seventy-Five Dollars ($175) per Usage Cycle; and
      2. Subscriber in good standing with Fusion Networks service for ninety (90) or more consecutive days have a Calling Limit of Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($350) per Usage Cycle.
    2. Subscriber may create a “Calling Limit” whereby Subscriber sets a maximum aggregate amount of fees for Fusion Networks International Calling that can be accrued during a Usage Cycle which amount is lower than the Calling Limit imposed by Fusion Networks. Except as described below, Subscribers will not be able to complete Fusion Networks International Calling calls in the event they have reached the Fusion Networks-imposed Calling Limit or the Subscriber-designated Calling Limit.
  1. Remote Access Feature: Subscribers can use the remote access feature with Fusion Networks International Calling at per minutes rates while away from Subscriber’s place of business. Subscriber understands that when using the remote access feature to make Fusion Networks International Calling at per minute rate, additional third party charges may also apply (i.e., pay phone charges, cellular charges, or hotel phone system charges, etc.).