What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solutions transform an organization’s capabilities by leveraging the corporate wide-area network (WAN) as well as multi-cloud connectivity to deliver high-speed application performance at the WAN edge of branch sites. One of the chief benefits of SD-WAN is that it provides a dynamic path selection among connectivity options—DIA, MPLS, 4G/5G, or broadband—ensuring organizations can quickly and easily access business-critical cloud applications. 

SD-WAN solutions have become increasingly popular as organizations request fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity among different network environments, and seek to lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) while preserving user experience. But the wrong SD-WAN solution can significantly inhibit an organization’s ability to quickly adapt to changing business demands, not least because it creates new security headaches.

Fusion Networks Managed SD-WAN

As demand for enterprise-level SD-WAN increases, organizations are increasingly moving from acquiring and operating their own SD-WAN equipment to using managed SD-WAN services.  Fusion Networks takes on the CapEx burden of SD-WAN equipment, deploying SD-WAN on the customer premises. Fusion Networks adds value through our expertise that enterprises struggle to retain in-house, through ongoing investment in the latest SD-WAN technologies for the benefit of our customers, and through detailed knowledge of how SD-WAN solutions integrate with other vendors, particularly cloud infrastructure providers.  

Key Benefits for
Fusion Networks Managed SD-WAN

Operational Efficiency

Businesses require solutions that allow them to operate more efficiently. With traditional WAN solutions, organizations suffer a less than ideal quality of experience and have a hard time delivering high-performance bandwidth for critical applications. Since legacy WAN architectures rely on packet routing, they lack in-depth application visibility. SD-WAN solutions, however, intelligently identify applications on the very first packet of data traffic. Network teams gain the visibility they need about which applications are used most widely across the organization, which helps them make smarter, more well-informed decisions and policies.

Dynamic Path Selection

SD-WAN solutions enable dynamic path selection for traffic to flow through: an MPLS connection, a broadband connection, and LTE. The SD-WAN solution can intelligently identify applications and determine the best path it should take to maximize functionality. Moreover, self-healing capabilities automatically route traffic to the next best available link in the event of an outage of the primary link. Not only does this automated capability reduce complexity within the network, but it also delivers an improved user experience and improves the performance of applications.

Value-added Services

Once deployed our managed SD-WAN services allows us to offer additional products such as managed DDoS, Intrusion detection, Content filtering and more.